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Hello everyone. I am Fang Shengjun. Today I would like to talk with you a popular book.

Before the start, you can scan the QR code, and you will get the handout of my presentation. I’m worried that I can’t express myself well, but I believe that you can know what I am saying with the handout.

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I have divided my presentation into three parts.

First of all, I will introduce you the basis of the book.

Secondly, I will tell you some interesting plots about the book.

Finally, I will talk about the influence of the book.



Look up this picture, what do you think about? Three stars move in chaotic trajectories. Yes, the book I want to introduce to you today is The Three Body Problem, a science fiction written by Liu Cixin.


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There are many great ideas in The Three Body Problem, but I am afraid that it is impossible to describe even one plot in such a short moment. I will try my best to tell you some interesting plots as more as possible.


Three Stars System

The main plot of The Three Body Problem is about aliens living in Alpha Centauri who are planning to invade the Earth and Human. We call the aliens Trisolaran.

Trisolaran live in a solar system with three suns. You can imagine how hard it is to living with three suns.

Three Stars

We all have learned physics, and we know that one planet with one sun move regularly, just like our planet, the Earth. One planet with two suns also move regularly, just like this. It is also predictable.

But three-stars system is a chaotic system. The trajectory of three-stars system is unpredictable. It is a three-stars system that Alien Trisolaran lives in.

In order to develop their civilization, Trisolaran must wait for Stable Era, the time when suns are relatively stable. In Chaotic Era, they will dehydrate. In Stable Era, they will rehydrate.

The Human-Formation Computer

There is a big problem in front of Trisolaran. How to predict the time of Stable Era?

Trisolaran use many methods to predict the time of Stable Era. One way is simulating the three stars system with computer. So they also invent computer. But the component they use, is not circuit, but human, or themselves.


Some people form the AND gates, some people form the OR gates and some people form the NOT gates. We have learn the course Fundamentals of Digital Circuits, we know that we can form computer with AND, OR, NOT gates.


Finally, they find a more convenient way. It is to invade the Earth, a planet they discover recently.


But Human are developing too fast, so they must use some way to lock the developing of Human in science.

They transformed a proton into 2-dimension and engraved circuit on 2D proton. Then, they transformed it back into 3-dimension and get a intelligent proton. They called she Sophon, or Zhizi.

Sophon can disturb Collider, which is necessary to research micro particles. Besides, Sophon can also monitor human’s every movement and conversation.

Sometimes, Sophon appear in woman’s appearance. Look at this picture. I believe many people have seen this picture. She is Sophon.



Finally, let us talk about the influence of The Three Body Problem.

Obama, the former president of United States of American, ask for Liu’s next book after he read The Three Body Problem. Finally he was given The Wandering Earth.

Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, also recommend The Three Body Problem with others.

In Japan, The Three Body Problem also became best-seller. Many people recommend the book with others.


I am sorry to cite New York Times. But I must say that The Three Body Problem: Death’s End got into New York Times Bestseller list. Science fiction of China conquered American.

In the end, I want to recommend a fan work for you, The Three-body problem in MC. It is an anime, which possess the plots of The Three Body Problem and style of Minecraft.

That is all. Thank for your listening!